by Juvar Abrera

Yesterday, I went to different booths/sandboxes but there are some that I haven’t been to so that will be my goal. My goal is to visit all sandboxes and learn from them.

The first booth I visited was the AR and VR booth. Basically, they have a…

by Juvar Abrera

It’s a new day! Time to explore all the booths and other stuff around.

First thing I saw here was the Lego board. I remembered building Stan, the Google Chrome dinosaur, last year and then I saw this dinosaur on the board.

by Juvar Abrera

I want to share my experience how my Google I/O 2018 Day 1 went at the Amphitheater Shoreline, Mountain View. I’m not gonna be talking about what’s new in Google technologies since you’ve might have already watched the keynote on Youtube.

Screenshot from

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the one that lives on your Android phone when you say, “Ok, Google.” You can ask questions about the weather, the traffic, or something else.

It is ready to help in over 400 million different devices such as smart speakers like Google Home, Android phones, headsets, smartwatch…

Juvar Abrera

Developer at National Telehealth Center — University of the Philippines Manila

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